Our Team



Dustin Baker

Roadmap's co-founder and head brewer, Dustin's professional background comes from outside the craft beer world.  After graduating from University of Pittsburgh, he spent four years as a middle school teacher in Pittsburgh and San Antonio, but his passion for home brewing and sharing craft beer with family sparked a career change. If he's not on the production side working on some yummy goodness, you'll find him serving and sharing the beer he's poured his heart into.


Scott Baker

Co-founder and more importantly Dustin's dad, Scott is the man behind the curtain that made the whole dream possible.  He's used his business background to support the brewery in more ways than mentionable. He's usually traveling across the country for work but when in San Antonio, he can be found in his second office, behind the bar pouring pints. Or his third office, on the otherside of the bar enjoying a couple pints himself.


Hannah Baker

The better half of the husband/wife duo behindRoadmap Brewing, Hannah happily jumped head first into the adventurous world of craft beer. Using her marketing background and business knowledge, she is the spreadsheet wizard behind the branding and business. She's always open to talking about this crazy adventure and when she is not in the office, you'll find her serving beers behind the bar.

Catherine Sanchez

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Gary Rhee

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