Roadmap Brewing Co. is set to open in 2018 and will focus on fresh flavors from fresh ingredients, Enjoyed in a family atmosphere. 

What's in a name?

Probably the most commonly asked question is where the name comes from... As we sat down to chase the dream of opening our brewery, it became clear that no matter how much we wanted one, there wasn't a "ROADMAP" to this crazy adventure.  All we knew was that "all roads lead to beer," and with that in mind Roadmap Brewing Co. was born.

How'd it all start?

Roadmap Brewing Co. is the direct result of an oddball wedding gift that Dustin got from Hannah's uncle. That's right, they received a homebrew kit... as a WEDDING GIFT! What started as a fun weekend hobby soon morphed into a passion. Like so many craft brewers before, the beer Dustin was brewing in the garage wasn't enough to meet demand. With some heavy help from his dad (Co-Founder - Scott) the dream of opening a brewery quickly became a reality.


Our Beers